Introductory level

Target audience

This class is designed for kids from 7 to 11. No prior knowledge is required.

About the course

This class introduces computer science to kids by using the language that 7-11 year-old children can understand.

We follow the following principles:
  • Fun. It uses interesting games to cultivate children’s curiosity and interest in computer science.
  • Zero programing. We uses tools such as logical games to practice the programing concepts. 

Computer Basics

  • From circuit to calculation
  • Components of a computer       
  • How computers work


  • What a procedure is
  • Designing a procedure
  • Solving problems with procedure


  • What condition is
  • How to design if-else conditions
  • Conditions in a while loop
  • Use conditions to solve problems


  • Loops in nature     
  • Loops design      
  • Examples and exercises
  • For loop /while loop

What will you achieve

  • Understand how computers work
  • Understand fundamental programing concepts
  • Be able to design programs for problem solving
  • Cultivate interest in learning computer science

What is needed

To attend this class, you only need:

  • An iPad or Android tablet.
  • Download an App.
  • A computer to interact with instructor via Zoom.

Frenquently asked questions

Q: What prior knowledge is required to take this class? 

This class is designed for kids with NO prior knowledge in computer. 

Q: Will my kids learn about developing software or Apps?

Not right way. This class teaches computational thinking. Kids will learn how to break down a problem into steps so a computer can solve it. Our goal is kids learn the ability of thinking in an algorithmic way. 

Q: Can I cancel my registration? 

You can cancel within the first 2 classes for any reasons. You will receive a pro-rated refund. You only pay for the class taken.