Advanced Level

Target audience

This class is designed for kids from 10 to 16. Intermediate class is strongly recommended.

About the class

Interactive. We let students become the owners of learning.

Python is the most popular language today. Students will have a comprehensive understanding of Python and can complete the project independently.

Data Structure

    • Strings
    • list
    • Tuples
    • Maps
    • Dictionary

Classical Python

  • Going loopy
  • Recycling your code with functions and modules
  • Conditions
  • Graphics in Python
  • Classes and objects

Common Used Modules 

  • Python’s built-in modules
  • Modules for numerical analysis
  • Modules for data
  • Modules for user interface

Algorithm design

  • Cover common computer algorithm design problems

What will you acheive

  • Students will fully understand Python
  • Capability to design simple algorithms and solve common calculation problems

What is needed

To attend this class, you only need,

  • A desktop or laptop computer with keyboard. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: What prior knowledge is required to take this class? 

This class is designed for kids with prior knowledge in computer. We highly recommend taking intermediate computer class before taking this class. 

Q: Is Python a good programming language to learn? 

Python is one of the widely used computer languages. Once mastered Python, so many doors are open. It is also easy and fun to learn. So Python is absolutely a great programming language to learn. 

Q: Can I cancel my registration? 

You can cancel within the first 2 classes for any reasons. You will receive a pro-rated refund. You only pay for the class taken.